Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Change Your Air Filter

Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Change Your Air Filter

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Many homeowners are recommended to change their air filters regularly, but many do not. The filter is one of the simplest yet most crucial components of your home heating and cooling system.

We want your system to run as cleanly and effectively as possible Air filter change is a critical component of this process. Your air filter is critical to maintaining a comfortable environment in your house. Now is the time to think about replacing your air filter if you haven’t done so recently.

Here are some of the reasons why changing your air filter is critical to the comfort and efficiency of your home:

Inefficiency and higher costs result from clogged filters.

A dirty or clogged filter has the greatest effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of your ac system. Your system’s air movement can be hampered by a filthy filter. Your heating and air conditioner have to work twice as hard to move air through your home when the air filter is clogged with dust, filth, and grime. This will raise your energy expenses, increase your carbon impact, and drain your budget.

Absolutely Must Change Your Air Filter

One of the most critical factors affecting your system’s efficiency is airflow. When the filter becomes clogged, the airflow to the furnace is reduced, requiring the air conditioner to work more to heat or cool the room. This will degrade your system and raise your energy expenditures.

A Dirty Filter Pollutes the Air at Your Home

The blower is dispersing unclean, airborne particles throughout your home if the air filter is dirty or polluted. Lint, dust, dirt, pollen, and even microscopic microbes that aren’t visible to the naked eye are among these particles. This implies that you and your family will be breathing dirty air all of the time. Breathing dirty air can harm your health by triggering allergies and exacerbating asthma and other respiratory diseases. As a result, if the system is utilized frequently, the furnace filter should be changed or cleaned at least once a month.

When it comes to purchasing a new furnace filter, you may be tempted to go with the cheapest choice available. Many households will, naturally, choose fiberglass panel filters because they are less expensive than other higher-quality filters. The problem with these filters is that they can only filter larger dust particles and hence are ineffective when it comes to improving air quality.

However, there are a few things to think about when purchasing an air filter. Some air filters are extremely effective at eliminating contaminants from the air. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) grade is used to assess the effectiveness of filters. The higher the rating, the more airborne contaminants your filter should be able to remove. A filter with a rating of at least 5 is recommended. If you locate a higher-rated air filter, you might want to consider purchasing a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. Make sure you don’t buy a filter with a rating of more than 10, as these can drastically restrict your system’s airflow.

A Clogged Filter Increases Your Maintenance Costs

Your maintenance costs will inevitably rise if your air filter is unclean or blocked. If your blower stops working frequently owing to dust particles caught inside, or if your ductwork requires regular cleaning to function effectively, you will need to spend money on HVAC systems care and maintenance regularly. It is significantly more cost-effective to spend this money on replacing and repairing parts of your heating and cooling system regularly than it is to spend it on replacing your air filters. Your unit will continue to perform effectively if your air filter is clean, and you will spend less money on overall system repairs.

A Clogged Filter Reduces the Life of Your HVAC System

When your filter is dirty, your system needs to work more to heat and cool your home. This not only results in inefficiency and higher utility bills but also puts your system at risk of overheating and burning out. Excessive load on the blower and the overall air conditioning system can cause the system to fail.

We’ve discovered that a clogged or dirty filter is the leading cause of system breakout. If you put off replacing a dirty filter, you will almost certainly end up paying a lot more when your unit fails as a result of the dirty filter. Don’t wait for it to happen; replace your air filter immediately soon. A minor expense today is considered preferable to a large cost afterward.

A Cleaner Filter Leads to a Cleaner Home

By removing your dirty air filter, you can ensure that cleaner air is distributed throughout your home. This makes your home significantly more pleasant and eliminates any dust-related allergies.

You may be wondering how often you should change your air filter now that you realize how crucial it is. You might consider changing your filter after a certain amount of days. It all depends on how much strain you put on your filter and what kind you have. To be safe, at least once a month is recommended.

It’s usually preferable to have a professional inspect your air filter. We can assist you in determining when an air filter replacement is required.

When to replace the air filters?

The following factors can affect the longevity of your HVAC air filter:

The frequency with which your heating and/or cooling system is used.

A single filter can last from a season to a year if you live in a moderate area and just use your heater and/or air conditioner for a few hours every day.

The size of your home

In smaller homes, furnaces and air conditioners must pump less air to achieve the same temperature change, which may necessitate fewer filter changes. However, because these appliances often have smaller filters, they may need to be replaced equally as frequently as a filter in a bigger home.

The air quality within your home

The air quality inside and outside your home has an impact on the filter replacement cycle. If you have pets or have poor air quality, you will need to replace your air filter more frequently ( usually after 2 months).

Is it necessary to change the air filter?

Yes, changing your filter has several implications for the ability of your HVAC system to cool your home and the overall quality of your air. When you replace your air filter, you let more air move through your system while using less energy, resulting in improved circulation, cleaner air, and a cheaper electric bill.




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