Why Use Central Air Conditioning vs. Window Units

If you are considering air conditioning replacement, the choice between investing in and installing central air conditioning or a window unit can sometimes be difficult or even confusing.  The cost of air conditioning maintenance or AC repair can sometimes make it feel overwhelming.  But there are other factors to consider.  Which one is more efficient?  Which one works best for your space?  Which one is more cost effective over time?  These questions can make it hard to know what to do for your space.  But when it comes down to it, central air is usually the best option for most people.  But why is that?

Energy Use

Window units are small and easy to install.  But the problem with window units is that they only cool one room at a time.  Let’s face it, we don’t often spend time in just one room of our house.  We are back and forth between the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and everywhere else in the house.  Additionally, it would take several window units to cool an entire house, using up a lot of energy. 

On the other hand, central air conditioning units are big and require time and money for installation.  While they are large and that may lead you to believe they use more energy than window units, the opposite is actually true.  Central air conditioning units are designed to cool the whole home at once, and in doing so, they use less energy than multiple window units running at the same time.  The average window unit needs between 500 and 1400 watts to run while the average size AC unit needs 3500 units to run.  It’s more efficient to cool an entire home with central air conditioning than it is window units throughout the house. For energy efficiency, an AC unit is the way to go.  KAC Express AC company in Spring, Texas can install your central AC so you can be comfortable all summer long.

Air Circulation

A window unit feels great when it is blowing right on you. In fact, the areas closest to the window unit will nice and frosty cold.  But a window unit doesn’t circulate air well throughout the room.  This can lead to warmer spots in the room the further you are from the window unit.  But central air is designed to circulate throughout the whole house, producing a nice, even temperature across the entire space.  If your AC unit is not circulating air as it should, it may be in need of air conditioning maintenance in Spring, Texas.  If this is the case, KAC has expert technicians on standby for all your AC repair needs in Spring, Texas.

AC Installation

The added benefits of air conditioning units over time make it a great investment to stay comfortable in your home all throughout the hot days of summer.  For air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement in Spring, Texas, contact the professionals at KAC Express.  As a top AC company in Spring, Texas, we can have your AC installed or repaired in no time at all.  Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance visit.