Common Air Conditioning Problems During the Summer


Hot weather means it time to turn up the air conditioning unit. But without proper air conditioning maintenance, some problems can arise. Here are some common air conditioner problems during the summer to be aware of that may require AC repair in Spring, Texas

Short Cycling

An air conditioner that turns off and on over and over again is short cycling. Short cycling is not good for the efficiency of your AC unit. It can cause the air conditioner to have to work extra hard, leading to wear and tear of the unit. Short cycling can be caused by a number of issues. It can be from a clogged air filter, low refrigerant levels, or even an electrical problem. If not addressed it can lead to bigger and more expensive problems. If you notice your air conditioner short cycling this summer, call KAC Express air conditioning company in Spring, Texas to fix your AC and keep it working optimally all summer long.

Leaking Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels are most often caused by a leak. Refrigerant is an important part of an AC unit as it is responsible for sucking up the hot air inside the home and releasing it outside. Low refrigerant can cause your AC unit not to cool the home, leaving you miserable and uncomfortable inside. Regular air conditioning maintenance includes checking the refrigerant levels. Experienced AC technicians will either refill refrigerant levels if they notice it is low or locate and repair the leak that may be the source of low refrigerant levels. For air conditioning maintenance in Spring, Texas, contact KAC Express.

Dirty or Clogged Parts

When an AC unit has sat through the cold winter months, it can accumulate dirt. When you run your AC unit all summer long, it can get even dirtier. A dirty AC unit can lead to all kinds of problems. It can cause clogged drains that keep the water from draining properly. Accumulating water around the AC unit is a sign of a clogged drain. Dirty AC coils can also affect the unit. It can lower efficiency and raise energy bills. If neglected long enough, it can cause the ac unit to break down requiring AC repair. Clean the outside coils to keep dirt from building up. Also, keep up to date on regular maintenance to problems from dirt and debris.  A reliable AC company in Spring, Texas can perform annual maintenance check-ups to ensure your unit is clean and working efficiently all throughout the summer. If your unit isn’t functioning optimally even after necessary repairs, it may be time to consider air conditioning replacement. Call KAC Express for Any questions about Spring, Texas air conditioning replacement.